Lexalutions wants to improve student information and learning management

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The SIS/LMS market is a crowded space with competition that ranges from global full service corporations to regional or in-house created applications.  Lexalutions were looking to disrupt all that with an all-new, built from the ground-up, ad-supported student information system and learning management system.

We looked at competitors, talked to teachers and administrators and designed a system based upon the workflow of both teachers and students. 

I designed a teacher dashboard that allows teachers to manage attendance, grades, conduct, lesson plans and multiple classrooms all at a glance. Information is organized logically and visually to facilitate clear interactions. Classwork can be assigned, reviewed and graded online to eliminate paperwork expedite extended working hours.


I also designed a student/parent dashboard that allows students to keep up with lessons, assignements, homework and grades. Every assignment has a due date, a grade, the ability to submit online with attachments and to receive grades and feedback directly online.